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'Diamond Ideas' is a quick, easy, friendly way for all our employees to share their ideas with us.

We all have opinions about how our business can be improved. Be it to become more efficient, improve customer experience or increase profit. However these ideas aren’t always vocalised or might not make their way back to the board. So we came up with “Diamond Ideas” a platform that will allow you to express your ideas for change right to the people that can initiate it. You can remain anonymous or provide us with your details for a chance to win some great prizes if your idea is actioned. Everyone has good ideas, let’s start hearing them.

Barry Jones

Ludovic Troyes. Managing Director.
Renault Retail Group

Gather Ideas from employees, give credit where it's due.

- £50 worth of vouchers -

Providing your name is not compulsory, however if your idea sounds interesting, we will reward with £50 worth of high street vouchers.

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